We specialize in Precision mould & Die inserts

of complex and very tight tolerance components that may be found to be nearly
impossible to achieve.

Product service

SANQIN PRECISION Provide customer with high precision cavity mould inserts for electronics ,micro connetors,auto connectors,printer connectors,cellphone connectors,etc.

Production Capabilities

If you need complex or difficult components manufactured to exacting tolerances,it is what we do best. We perform Japan Sodick EDM machine,Sodick Wire-cutting machine,Fanuc CNC milling machine,Yuqing Grinders to fully satisfy customer needs of high precision parts.

Our Main Customer

With over ten years of  manufacturing experience,we have hold good reputation in the precision tooling indusrty,Customer trust is Sanqin’s highest glory.

  • Main service :

    Injection mould inserts

    Cavity mould inserts

  • Main service :

    Injection mould

    Electronics mould inserts

  •     Main service :

        Precision inserts

        Mould & Die parts

  • Main service :

    Micro electronic mold parts

    Precision tooling & die parts

Sanqin Precision Mold Technology Co.,Ltd